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Instead of trying to game the system, WebPress specialise in a high end personable approach to web marketing with SEO strategies that not only work, but are geared to your audience and not search engines.

Why not try a local web marketing company without the passive aggressive spiel, we thrive on working with all kinds of like-minded people who want to see their business grow naturally. Capturing the latest in technology, your business no matter how large and small will never be left behind when you become part of our family.

Website SEO

Onsite SEO

On a basic level, Onsite SEO involves the practice of optimizing every element of a website in order to improve search engine rankings, visibility and creating a rich user experience. This involves enhancing not only the content of a website, but also its source code, schema and performance.


As you may of heard, content is king but real world Informative structure should always be created with the user in mind. WebPress focus on human readable content designed not just to rank, but educate and inform without the need to exploit search rankings. Each algorithm update Google invokes is designed with the user in mind, dodgy seo practices may work short term but proper SEO takes effort. The long term advantages of doing it right first time is what will make you the authority in your industry.

Content SEO

Website Performance

Before you signup to a web marketing agency, run their own website through a performance checking service like Gtmetrix. Despite what you may be told, speed and optimisation really matters, especially for people on mobile devices and using Australia’s sometimes subpar internet infrastructure.

A slow performing website not only provides a bad user experience, it can also affect your bounce rate which is a ranking factor, and it can become a major problem when combined with other SEO metrics.  Regardless of search engine rankings, a slow website will lose you valuable customers.

Many factors can influence website performance and here at WebPress, one of our goals is to make your website fly, whether it be on demand image or code compression, or just making sure your website is up to date.

Speed Test for SEO

Schema and Markup

When it comes to content and serving this to your customers, context is also very important. The structure of a website is crucial when it comes to highlighting to the search engines your intent which is why WebPress employ the latest in schema and code structure.  In the case of the new speakable schema, people can find your business just by saying something like “Hey Google, find a physio in my area!

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Offsite SEO

Guess what? Offsite SEO is not just about links and link building, its about reach, branding and social networking. Sometimes called Off page SEO, the ability to rank historically was all about those crucial links which in turn created what was probably one the worst aspects of early SEO; Link farms and dodgy blog networks.

Links are still important to search engines like Google, Bing and even DuckDuckGo but the way this metric is now measured is not just by the link itself, but rather the quality of the website providing that link. The main takeaway here is building and maintaining natural links but how do you do that.  Again, like onsite SEO above this comes mainly from your content but also your brand and your customers expectations.

So What can Envisionworks Do?

So what exactly do we do? We start by building excellent relationships with your audience, earning trust and reaping the benefits of becoming an authority in your niche. These processes may seem complex, but it’s something we have been doing for years. To get started with a quote let’s talk today. If you want to find out more, just give us a call or fill out our contact form.


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