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Learning Management Systems

There are a number of different learning management systems on the market today from stand-alone to SaaS. We design and develop your course for you using our tried and tested LMS platform which integrates with WordPress for ease of use and management. Our LMS also uses H5P which is vastly becoming the industry standard in eLearning.

Who can use a LMS

LMS for Study

Whether you are a learning institute or creating your first training course. Getting your course from documents to online allows your students to be able to study from anywhere in the world. Our team can design, develop and deliver an online version of your training course complete with certification.

LMS for Businesses

Lots of businesses today still have in-house training for OH&S, management and even, computer software. Our team can help to implement your training courses into your WordPress website. Turning your website into a hub of information for your visitors and a training facility for your staff.

Why use a learning management system

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in online study over traditional paperback. This is due to more and more people having access to the internet on their smartphones and laptops. Not only is it beneficial to the student who is learning but also for the teachers and training course providers. This is in part due to auto-grading and fewer expenses. With everything being available online you as the provider don’t have to have your textbooks printed or pay for a physical training location. Your teachers will be able to oversee all of the students progress through a custom teacher portal as well as be contactable through the LMS itself.

How can we help

We use WPLMS which integrates directly with WordPress. This allows us to implement a learning management system to pre-existing websites as well as start from scratch building either just the LMS or a website and LMS. Let’s have a chat today and see what we can do for you.

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