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Need to get your business online or do you need a online shopping website turned around quickly?

The recent surge in Corona Virus (Covid-19) infections globally is a terrible and tragic event not just for those infected, but also for businesses and local services forced to take drastic measures in order to be viable.

Retail and logistics experts say online shopping is permissible and encouraged during the Covid-19 outbreak as it keeps people out of the stores and decreases the risk of transmission but where does that leave your business?

Make Sure Your Business Can Be Found Online

You may not be prepared to go it online or you may be unaware just how simple it can be with the right tools and people helping you out.

Here at WebPress we can:

  • Convert your existing website to be a viable online shopping platform
  • Keep you existing website and add eCommerce functionality
  • Build you a website from the ground up with a focus on eCommerce

Due to the terrible circumstances surrounding this epidemic we also want to help out our local businesses, they are also our friends and families and due to this, we are offering our website creation services at a heavily discounted rate.

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