Holistic, Analytic, and Pragmatic: What is Modern Digital Marketing?

July 1, 2020
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In an age dominated by smartphones, PCs, Macs, and more, it is imperative that you and your business keep at the forefront of the digital frontier. Relevance is more important than ever and keeping up with the digital world can be an exhausting and daunting prospect. What does that really mean though? Find out what Digital Marketing is and how you can make it work for you by reading below.

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What is it?

Digital Marketing is an incredibly broad term that involves the utilisation of all forms of digital media and devices for inclusive marketing. Everything from the humble email to the data-dense search engine optimisation (SEO) is encapsulated by this fast-growing and ever complicating beast.

Crunching Numbers

At its core the most crucial aspect of Digital Marketing is the sheer volume of analytics that can be attained. Marketing has always been about efficiently reaching as large of a target audience as possible, with the belief that exposure equals effectiveness. The density of information that can be pulled from the broad array of digital avenues provides a unique and accurate insight into your customers, potential competition, and even your own business practices. The daunting part can be having the skills and knowledge to capitalise on this information abundance.

Clever Creation

Digital marketing has also provided a plethora of easily accessible, yet far-reaching spread of marketing potential. Should you have a website? Should you post through Facebook or Instagram? What kinds of emails are the right ones? Content creation in the digital age gives businesses to opportunity to build a unique and far-reaching footprint, but this process can be complicated and time-consuming without the proper knowledge and guidance.

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The Socials

Arguably the greatest growth of the digital age comes in the form of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn; the list is ever expanding. Between working on computers, personal phone use and other daily activities (yes I’m looking at you Netflix) people are spending huge portions of their day to day in contact with multiple forms of digital media, with social media being a dominant aspect. Recently, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed that alongside online banking and entertainment, social media was accessed by about 80% of all digital media users in Australian households (1). So now more than ever having an influential and informative social media presence is an absolute must.

Holistic Approach

Another major process that has been a product of the digital age is the transference to a largely holistic marketing model. No longer are multiple touch points required to close your purchase and gone are the days of walking shop-to-shop to snag a bargain. This simplification of marketing through a singular digital device has meant that complicated marketing processes that historically took weeks or months can now be condensed into a single website visit. What this does mean is these complicated marketing processes are being compounded into a completely different marketing space. A functional, user-friendly, and successful experience starts and ends with an inclusive and holistic digital presence.

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The Big Picture

No matter your business and no matter your location, a strong digital marketing presence is simply irreplaceable in the modern business world. Finding a niche and building a profile for you and your business can be the difference between sinking or swimming in the fast-moving modern market. Digital Marketing specialists such as WebPress are at the forefront of this revolutionary industry and can be the missing piece of the puzzle for the digital success of you and your business.


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