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Are you looking for a new branding?

Whether you are looking to update your existing or looking to have new branding created from scratch our graphic designers are able to bring your concepts to life. Using the latest in vector graphic software our designers are able to create pixeless designs allowing you to scale your new branding as big as you need.

Talk directly to our designers?

We understand how hard it is to deal with the middle man. This is why we put you in contact with our designers directly. This not only saves time when asking for tweaks and changes but also becomes more proficient as our designers can make the changes as you are talking to them.

What is the design process?

Once our designers have received your branding brief they can begin your new design. You will be provided with 3 draft designs which will be in jpg for you to view. From here you can either select a design that you like, ask for a redraft or to tweak one of the designs.

Once you are happy with the design our designers will then send you final copies of the designs. One black and white, one inverted black and white and one coloured version. These will be sent in svg, jpg, png and pdf format. This is for ease of printing as well as use online.

Can I order special sizes?

After the completion of your branding you may ask our designers to send you your design in any size that you are needing whether it is for print media or for your website our designers are more than happy to accompany your needs for your branding.

What is the turn around time?

This will be dependent on how long it takes to get the brief together and approved by you before commencing the first round of drafts. However with that being said the shortest turnaround time can be within a week.

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