Tips for working remotely from home

March 27, 2020
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Working from home?

In the effort to save lives and push back the effects of the terrible Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), the ability to work from home has already made profound impact. If you are fortunate to have the ability to work from home, here are a few tips to help you along.

  1. Embrace your surroundings. Most people would love the chance to work from home but also need to give yourself a proper working space. The Kitchen table is fine, just make it your special work area during office hours.
  2. Enjoy the company of you family and pets, yes it appears your cat is now the foreman or supervisor and your kids will find the fact Mum or Dad being home awesome fun. Just go with it but set some boundaries.
  3. Check in with your work colleagues regularly with Skype, Zoom or similar software – just because you’re not in the same room as your team, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to them!
  4. If you can, set up your work space away from the usual distractions of home but don’t go overboard – a separate room can be great, otherwise any area away from the usual distractions of the television would work. 
  5. Take you breaks! keep you usual schedule and stick to a routine – even your before work routine. Get up, have a coffee and get dressed just as you usually would and make sure you have a set morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea breaks. Also don’t be scared to improve your work routine, now is your chance! 
  6. Even if you’re stuck inside the house, exercise and movement is super important. Go for walks around your backyard if you have to, do some light stretching inside the house, or even a few easy squats! Anything to get your body moving and give your brain a break.
  7. We are all in this together. Don’t be afraid to reach out. It’s a new situation for everyone, so if you need someone to talk to about it, there’s plenty of resources available online.

Working from Home Essentials

As someone who has worked at home and remotely for many years, there are some fantastic tools available to make the experience seamless.


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